How to remove WannaCry virus from your computer


Remove WannaCry virus

A few days back, the whole world experienced the wrath of a major ransomware attack called WannaCry. This is one of the largest ever cyber attacks that hit over 100 countries at the same time taking down thousands of computer systems.

There are different types of malware that can affect a computer and these include those that are meant to steal your information and those that just erase all the data on your computer. But ransomware is different. It is a kind of malware that prevents you from accessing your device and data stored on it until a specific amount is paid to the hacker or the creator of the same. Ransomware locks computers and encrypts the data stored on it and also prevents apps and software from running.

Due to the WannaCry ransomware attack, critical infrastructure across the world including airports, police department, banks, telecom networks, and stock markets were affected. Everyone is asked to take necessary precautionary steps to stay safe from the crippling ransomware attack.

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