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Website industry is constantly growing across the world, but in a country as large and varied as India and worldwide, the growth is only magnified.


Website industry is constantly growing across the world, but in a country as large and varied as India and worldwide, the growth is only magnified. The growth in small cities is something that cannot be ignored.

Becoming a part of our franchisee business network is an ideal platform for you to expand your business horizon. There are a myriad of franchise opportunities in worldwide and many a times one struggles to make a choice from amongst them. Marooti Biz Pvt Ltd franchise opportunity is best suited for people who have confidence in their abilities and are hesitant to make a huge upfront investment. We are focused on partnering with people having the right attitude and not so much on how much investment they can bring on board.

If you would like to browse through a more detailed list of questions, please check out our Franchisee FAQs.

By partnering with Marooti Biz Pvt Ltd you can capitalize on your potential target market. The benefits you get by choosing to go into partnership with us include our support in IT professionals, educated team of developers and designers backed up with state of the art IT infrastructure and client friendly project out sourcing services.

Associate Partnership

In associate partnership you can either choose to outsource your whole project to us or work together with us collectively on a project. This partnership will exist as an extension to you your already existing infrastructure.

Being a partner your projects will be given top priority on discounted rates which apply only to our partners.

The benefits include our highly talented team at your disposal, special discounts, our services on"as & when need" basis.

To be eligible for associate partnership you must have your own team of developers and proper IT infrastructure on your end in the field of software, web development and mobile development and must have the ability to launch and run effective campaigns.

Strategic Partnership

In strategic partnership you don't have to worry about the technical staff we will provide and train the technical work force including training in latest technologies upgrading and updating the equipment and software developing techniques, manage their salaries, health , pension and other benefits and you will focus on sales end that is getting more business.

In this partnership you will act as a front end sales force and we will provide backend technical support.

Benefits include not worrying about the project management and technical details of the project, competitive pricing schemes for our strategic partners and enjoying our high end quality services in projects without worrying about maintaining the projects.

To be eligible for this partnership you will need to have highly talented sales force and proper infrastructure in place for that.

Experience in dealing with clients in closing development based deals and you will be required to provide business on regular basis.

Referral Partnership

If you plan to be in referral partnership with us you won't have to worry about any contracts or commitments it's a simple reference based system.

All you will need to do is market and offer our products to other individuals and businesses across the globe and in return for every closed deal a percentage of the closed deal will be shared as decided ahead of time.

All you need to do is recommend us to potential clients and we will deal with the rest.

Benefits will include getting proper commission, building your reputation by offering our high end services to the potential clients and you will get thanked in return.

There is no pre requisites for this partnership program all you need to do is recommend us to potential customers and enjoy your benefits.

Roles of a Marooti Biz Pvt Ltd Franchisee

  • Focus on expanding the Marooti Inc network and clientele
  • Must be business savvy with the ability to market
  • Should adhere to out processes and quality systems
  • Provide and sell packages / services from the existing Marooti Biz Pvt Ltd product offerings
  • Marketing & networking to enhance Marooti Biz Pvt Ltd franchised business presence in the market place
  • Manage the operation of Marooti Biz Pvt Ltd franchisee
  • Maintain accounting and financial information
  • Communicate regularly with Marooti Biz Pvt Ltd franchisee support delivery team
  • Transparent contract and terms
  • Dedicated account manager (relationship manager)
  • Maintain the confidentiality of your business
  • Competitive pricing structure
  • Complete dedication for your offshore development
  • On time project delivery & Quality Assurance